Advanced Practices

The Growing Threat


Ransomware is an increasingly reality for every business, and even individuals. We’re seeing loss values closing in on $20 billion each year and still growing.

Protecting your organisation from these threats is an additional pressure on times and resources for your teams, and requires specialist skills that few have.

Internet 2.0 not only protect and mitigate against threats, but our Advanced Practices division strikes back at attackers too.

Outcomes – Advanced Practices


Establish target network connections and electronic signature identifiers


Exploit the targets’ electronic signature to establish personal identifiers


Exploit personal identifiers to locate individuals of interest & vulnerabilities



Exploit vulnerabilities to enable law enforcement resolution

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Your New Team

Who We Are

  • Former Intelligence Officers (Army and Federal Government)
  • Special Forces Operators (SAS and Commando)
  • Cyberwarfare and Digital Forensics Experts
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Specialists
  • Risk Management Specialists
  • Cyber Advisors to Defence Industry & Government

What does this mean?

 It means a wealth of experience, with over 65 years combined experience conducting & managing Intelligence Operations, both domestically and offshore. Considering operational, corporate and reputational risk management when planning operations, to deliver strategic outcomes, through the collection of sensitive information.

Highly skilled and disciplined Military Officers, Special Operators and Cyberwarfare Operators have coordinated resources, to bring expert Cyberwarfare, Operations Management and Forensic Investigative skills to this new battlefield.

Our unique background provides trusted liaison relationships with Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies, advancing reaction times to defeat Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors.

The Process – Advanced Practices


Provide trusted advisory services, to mitigate threats and deliver cyber resilience for the client’s business, encompassing vulnerability assessments and threat actor mapping


Investigate & Coordinate an Incident Threat Response to limit  damage from Advanced Persistent Threat actors (APT)’s, with  focus to recover funds and data



Liaise with strategic partners, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies to advance an investigation response towards successful prosecution

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