A Broken Model

The cybersecurity market primarily provides products that only work at the largest scale. We believe that everyone should be able to improve digital trust.

Few Options

The majority of the market has little option to improve their security


Our networks are too open and are built on trust

Misplaced Faith

Hardware is increasingly suspected of compromise

Our ‘Why’

Our people have been operating in cyber security, intelligence, and international politics for years.

We saw the internet we use is not robust enough to keep the bad guys out. It was built on trust. Then the bad guys were let inside.

We needed to harden the internet itself to make attacks more difficult, and our infrastructure more robust.

We combined a series of technologies to harden the backbone of the internet, which can be deployed at almost any scale, while making cyber attacks harder to undertake.

We call this collection of technologies “Internet 2.0”. And we’re all going to need it.

Meet Our Team

What we do

Automated Security Technology

Solutions from Internet 2.0  are based on physical devices to reduce Cyber Risk. They contain a Plug and Play security suite that houses our software, and facilitates our Managed Security Services.

Managed Security Services

Addressing challenges and keeping you more secure are at the heart of what we do. Our people are our greatest asset and instrumental in delivering our core and Advanced Practices solutions.

Expertise On Demand

We are there to rescue our clients from what might otherwise be catastrophic hacks. We provide clear and actionable remediation and recovery, and proactive security design and insights, not ‘performative paperwork’.

Our Genesis


We were the first to deploy this technology holistically


Our solutions are already operating effectively in the harshest of environments


As our team grows, so too our capabilities. We’re serious about adding the best people and the best skills to our team


From where we are, to where we want to go. We have a clear and well-defined roadmap towards our future

Future State

Our technology will be making a meaningful difference in defending the internet of tomorrow

Australia is Part of Our Brand

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has identified supply chain security
as one of the most important cyber security areas for companies to
focus on.

Building in Australia leverages our trusted position in global markets
to build a system hard to steal and replicate in markets which steal
intellectual property.

Companies struggle to source trusted equipment to support large
scale telecommunications projects. In particular 5G backhaul. Our
technology is tested, trusted and works.

Australia is ready to support this initiative. We are already a well respected Australian technology brand in