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Our Partners


Cyber security attacks are estimated to be costing the Australian economy more than $20 billion a year, with some form of cyber-attack posing a potentially devastating threat directed at businesses or individuals every 10 minutes.

The internet wasn’t designed with security and privacy at the fore, and in an increasingly online world the growing threat of cyber-attacks presents reputation, data security and legal risks that demand a new approach to keep our businesses, customers and stakeholders safe.

Internet 2.0, in partnership with Hazelbrook Legal and Bastion Reputation, have developed a first-of-its-kind approach to help prevent and prepare for cyber risk, respond fast to reduce the impact of attacks, and protect or restore your reputation.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates proprietary legal expertise, technical and reputation risk assessment processes, best practice strategy and continuity planning, and advice and support to manage all communication, legal, technical and data management needs.



For 24-7 support to respond, manage, recover from, or prepare for cyber-attacks and data breaches, including advice around mandatory data breach reporting contact:

David Dennison, VP of Advanced Practices

P: +61 407 863 563

E: david.d@internet2-0.com