Internet 2.0 Bolsters Malware Analysis And Defence With Acquisition Of Penetrum

Dec 14, 2021 | Media Releases & Appearances

Internet 2.0 has acquired Penetrum’s malware analysis sandbox ‘Malcore’, which will boost the speed and accuracy with which Internet 2.0 assesses cyber threats and defends against future attacks.

“We know that malware is the starting point for so many security breaches and they have become increasingly varied, sophisticated, commercialised and scalable for widespread attacks. Malcore enables us to continue to improve our ability to defend our customers against this evolving threat,” advises Co-Chief Executive Officer, Robert Potter.

What sets Malcore apart from other sandboxes available in the market is the speed, accuracy and scalability with which Malcore performs. It can reliably and consistently determine file types with 99 per cent accuracy at a speed of 1 second per megabyte. It scales up to 30,000 events per day.

Internet 2.0 also welcomes Thomas Perkins and Thomas Lemke from Penetrum to Internet 2.0. They are both experienced cyber specialists who have applied their cyber craft within the US National Security apparatus.

“We are very excited to have Thomas Perkins and Thomas Lemke on board. They will add significant value to maintaining and monitoring the privacy and security of our customers, and operationalise Malcore as part of Internet 2.0’s suite of cybersecurity solutions”, says Co-Chief Executive Officer, David Robinson.


What is Malware Analysis?

Malware analysis is critical to understand, mitigate and defend against the potential threat of a suspicious file. Malware comes in many variations such as Ransomware, which disables the victim’s access to their data until a ransom is paid.


About Internet 2.0

Internet 2.0 keeps the web open, and our customers secure through ground-breaking technology built and maintained by ex-military cyber specialists. Internet 2.0 provides a more secure and private internet, no matter where people are connecting.