TEchnology Overview

Our technology solution provides a critical defence barrier for your business against attack. Each deployment provides a suite of capabilities catering for every business size and type from solopreneurs and remote workers, through to the largest of enterprises.

Each of our deployments provides secure access for Internet 2.0 to become your cybersecurity team. Our a group of world-class experts comprised of ex-military and intelligence specialists is now yours too.

Internet 2.0 manufactures what we design. We already built the technology, and now it protects your business. We source trusted components and use them to build a product the market needs.

We have developed a better substrate for people to communicate across. More secure than traditional internet connectivity.

Durham College Technical Analysis

Durham College finds that Internet 2.0 offers modern features needed to better secure networks with its ‘Obfuscation’ technology (the process of hiding the original data with modified content such as characters or other data) and strongly recommends this for individuals and small to medium business.

Technology Capabilites

Cloaking Firewall

We use our own routing so your traffic can appear to be anywhere or even nowhere on the standard internet
“They Can’t See You”

Advanced Encryption

We leverage quantum-resistant encryption
algorithms which make even meta-data unreadable
“They Can’t Read It”


Detect malware and attackers by anonymously inspecting data packets, and know if a breach may have occured
“We know about It”

Advanced Firewall

Fully Configurable Firewall with advanced capabilities, even as a plug n play deployment
“They Can’t Read It”

Automatic Updates

Every Internet 2.0 solution is self-maintaining with new patches and firmware automatically installed
“They Can’t Break It”

Intelligence At a Glance

Internet 2.0’s technology provides the ultimate clean and actionable security interface for your business.

With the ability to get a mile-high overview of your security posture at a glance, or zoom in to see the specifics of each facet of your security, you can avoid overwhelm without sacrificing fidelity.

Anyone – from your IT team to executives – can see and understand cyber risks in your organisations, even if they’re mobile.

And to make it all digestible, we even send regular reports on what, and how, your business is being protected.

See For Yourself

Schedule a personalised introduction where we will show you the exact benefits your organisation can achieve with Internet 2.0 on your team.

Product Comparison

Minimum 12 month initial commitment.

Onboarding fee of $150 AUD per user (minimum 5 users)

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