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Malcore was designed with the privacy of our users in mind. Whether you are uploading documents, files, or any other piece of data, our commitment to safeguarding your information remains unwavering.

1. Temporary Storage Only
We respect your data. Any file you upload to Malcore is only stored for a short window of time - no longer than 24 hours. This timeframe allows us to carry out the necessary analysis without holding onto your data for longer than absolutely needed.

2. Forensic Deletion Post-Analysis
The term 'deletion' is often misinterpreted in the digital world. Simple deletion might remove the file from immediate view but can often be retrieved with the right tools. This is not the case at Malcore. Once your file has been analyzed, it undergoes a forensic deletion process. This means that the file is eradicated in a manner that ensures it cannot be reconstructed or recovered.

3. No Prolonged Storage, Ever
We stand firmly by our policy: your file will NEVER be stored for more than 24 hours. This ensures that even in the rare event of a breach, your data won't be lingering on our servers, awaiting unauthorized access.

4. Zero Human Review & No Machine Reading
Your privacy is paramount. To this end, we've implemented stringent measures: no file uploaded to Malcore undergoes human review. This is not just a policy but a hardcoded aspect of our system. Furthermore, files aren't subjected to machine reading, ensuring an additional layer of security and privacy

Why This Matters

Data privacy isn't just about complying with regulations – it's about upholding a fundamental right of every individual. By strictly adhering to our policy of short-term storage and forensic deletion, we aim to reduce the risk of potential exposure and misuse of your data.