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Our Responsibility to the Community

As part of our on-going values and commitment to help defend Australia’s businesses and its people, Internet 2.0 offers at no cost, the opportunity for you to understand if your business email was part of the attack on Microsoft’s email software earlier this year.

Our threat intelligence feeds have identified that a large number  of businesses have critical vulnerabilities that are yet to be patched. The presence of these vulnerabilities means that your networks are at increased risk. These vulnerabilities are considered high/critical by the United States Government and the Australia Cyber Security Centre.

Internet 2.0 will be reaching out to some of these organisations in Australia to ensure that they are aware.

If you would like us to conduct a FREE no obligations check on your business, please fill in the form on this page and we will conduct a search for your and send you information from our threat intelligence and open source feeds.

Are You Secure?