Your Security Advantage


Advanced Threat Intelligence

Unique threat intelligence feeds provide access to the best threat intelligence that money can’t buy


Our patented network stealth technology renders your network invisible to reconnaissance activities


Advanced systems working together prevent threats from gaining a foothold in your network

how Internet 2.0 Works

Internet 2.0 starts with own proprietary technology delivered either on premises or through the cloud, rendering you invisible to would-be hackers.

We then layer in our world class cybersecurity expertise as a service, powered by the most powerful intelligence feeds available, delivered by ex-military and intelligence specialists.

We work with your internal teams to shoulder the burden of your operational risk. We make sure that you’re safeguarded by our Security as a Service platform to stay updated and to stay bulletproof.


Internet 2.0 work with your key staff as well as any law or government bodies to ensure that not only are you guarded, but in the unlikely event there is a compromise, the attackers regret their decision.


Services Stack

We bring our world-class experience learnt from applying our cyber defence in some of the most unforgiving situations imaginable, to now safeguard your organisation.



Operating in the near dark is not advisable. And most intelligence feeds are - at best - a piece of the puzzle. Our feeds provide us, and now you, with greater threat visibility.


Core Technology

Our technology solutions provide a conduit for proactive defence. By veiling your networks from prying eyes, we make it nearly impossible for attackers to get a bead on you.


See For Yourself

Schedule a personalised introduction where we will show you the exact benefits your organisation can achieve with Internet 2.0 on your team.

Internet 2.0 Technology


No matter the size of your organisation, Internet 2.0 has the right solution. Our technology foundation provides a secure conduit for our services and expertise to improve the security posture for your organisation, all delivered  on premises or purely through the cloud.

Key Features

Monitoring & Alerts

Our unique threat intelligence feeds provide us access to the best threat intelligence that money can’t buy. Stay alert, stay ahead.

Vulnerability Scans

Our patented network stealth technology renders your gateway invisible to network reconnaissance activities.

Threat Hunting

It can’t be all about the ‘shield’. Sometimes, you need the sword too. We help you identify attackers and hit back to dissuade attackers from trying.

Training Exercises

Intrusion Detection & Prevention, advanced firewalls, and automated logging prevent threats from gaining a foothold in your network.

Incident Response

Internet 2.0 are your rescue team when an something heavy happens. Our specialists respond fast and without pause to resolve incidents.

The Best Intelligence Money Can’t Buy

Internet 2.0 is in a position unique in the cybersecurity industry. We have access to the same threat intelligence feeds that other providers do, but we also have access to feeds that provide more insights into the threat landscape.

Our unique security industry contacts provide us more information and granular detail on the real threats.

Advanced Practices

We provide Advanced Incident Response & Recovery solutions, by employing the best Intelligence and Cyberwarfare practices to provide asymmetric advantage for clients and liaise with Law Enforcement to reduce the cyber threat.

Providing Full Spectrum Cyber Resilience as a Service across the digital frontier.  Enabled with bespoke cyber security and intelligence practices, we strive to bring those that do harm to justice with effective solutions.


Our Advanced Practices division is the ultimate deterrent to criminals