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Ahead of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Bloomberg News reports on Internet 2.0’s recent Whitepaper titled “Digital Surveillance in China” . The Whitepaper demonstrates the sophisticated and broad surveillance culture that exists in China, and warns that athletes and visitors at the Games may be exposed to surveillance of their mobile phones through mobile applications and internet browsers through desktop software. We make some key recommendations on how you can mitigate the risk of sensitive information and personal data being collected on personal phones during the Games, including:

Athletes and visitors to the games should buy and take a new phone with them to use only while inside China. This will protect their sim information of their devices that they use in their home country

Creating a new email address and browser account and using these on the ‘burner’ Phone. This mitigates the risk of cloud accounts such as google, apple or internet browsers connecting all your personal information with this new and isolated ‘burner’ phone.

Not using this device or account upon leaving China again as these details are likely collected and stored. Using this device outside of China poses the same risk as taking your personal devices and accounts into China.

Bloomberg’s report can be found here. []

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