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Malcore scores Outlook app 35

A note on these insights.

The findings outlined in this blog post were drawn from the condensed results of a Malcore scan for the app. These findings therefore do not comprise an exhaustive list.

To review the full findings of Malcore’s analysis of the Outlook mobile application, click the button below.

Malcore is a software tool that checks the code of mobile applications for potential issues and assesses overall security and privacy risk. It does this by looking at the code, software development kits used and the permissions requested by the app. A Malcore risk score represents the overall cumulative total of issues found.

The tool also checks for the presence of trackers, which are used to collect data about how the app is being used. Some trackers are legitimate, but others may be used for advertising or to collect data about users without their knowledge or consent.

Scores are given to the issues found based on their severity, with dangerous permissions and high severity warnings getting the highest scores.

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Discovered Trackers

Microsoft Outlook SDKs

Discovered Code Severity Warnings

Code Severity Warnings for Outlook

Outlook App Permissions

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