Robert Potter discusses Novak Djokovic’s PCR results with the SMH

Jan 12, 2022 | Media Releases & Appearances

Robert Potter, Co-CEO of Internet 2.0, discussed Novak Djokovic’s PCR results with the Sydney Morning Herald today. This is an interesting story which shows how cyber forensics can be applied to a topical issue that is currently dominating the news.

Robert confirmed there were inconsistencies between the timestamps in the documentation Mr Djokovic presented to Australian Border Force officials, and the URL linked to the QR code on one of Djokovic’s tests.

“I can’t interpret the medical implications but I’d say there is sufficient evidence to question the fidelity of his paperwork submitted to the Australian government relating to his positive test,” Mr Potter said.

“The time stamp contained within the QR code of his positive test does not match the paperwork as submitted. However, the timestamp of his negative test does match his submitted paperwork. As long as you are confident that the QR codes you have sent me for evaluation match those submitted to the Australian government, then I’m confident saying that Djokovic has legitimate questions to answer.”

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