Technical Analysis of TikTok app

Jul 4, 2022 | Media Releases & Appearances

Following our recent WeChat Whitepaper and its associated feature in the Australian Financial Review, Penetrum, an Internet 2.0 company, has published a technical analysis of the TikTok mobile application and finds the app collects far more data than needed and that it is not as secure as it should be.

We also note that Senator James Paterson, Shadow Minister for Cyber Security and Countering Foreign Interference, has written to TikTok Australia following revelations in the United States that user data is accessible in mainland China, putting it within reach of the Chinese Government.

Read Penetrum Technical Analysis > here

Update 6/7/22: Our co-founder and CEO Robert Potter provided advice to Crikey on the risk of Australian data on TikTok being accessed by the Chinese Government. You can read article here.