MEDIA RELEASE | Internet 2.0 and Astrolab Joint Venture

Nov 17, 2021 | Media Releases & Appearances

17th November 2021

Internet 2.0 and Astrolab to optimise internet reliability, security, and speed in Port Moresby

Internet 2.0 has recently shipped a hardware system to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG), which will be installed imminently across the city by Astrolab, Internet 2.0’s partner in the country.

The system will be the core technology that provides a hybrid internet connection from satellite and realises the full benefit of the coral sea cable in PNG, Australia’s biggest infrastructure support commitment in this sector. It will also enhance the cybersecurity, reliability, and speed of internet services.

“Once implemented, this technology will provide the first terrestrial clean pipe internet connection in the Pacific and filter traffic and malware across an entire city,” says Sekar Langit, Internet 2.0’s Cyber Security Analyst.

Clients across a range of different high-risk sectors including security and financial services will benefit from safer and more secure internet access. This is very welcome news, given the recent ransomware attack on the PNG finance department’s Integrated Financial Management System, which inhibited access to millions of dollars used to pay bills, salaries and general government payments.

“We have been working with Internet 2.0 on this launch for over a year now. Recent developments in cyber security have prompted us to push this launch earlier into 2021 to start the process of protecting critical infrastructure in PNG and the region” according to John Young, Managing Director for Astrolab PNG.


About Internet 2.0

Internet 2.0 keeps the web open, and our customers secure through ground-breaking technology built and maintained by ex-military cyber specialists. Internet 2.0 provides a more secure and private internet, no matter where people are connecting.


About Astrolab

Astrolab is a PNG-owned company that provides safe and secure internet access for all PNG residents and businesses. Astrolab does this with a strong focus on cyber security, data sovereignty and affordability for all.