MEDIA RELEASE | Internet 2.0 partners with another Cloud giant to offer next generation firewall services

Jan 31, 2022 | Media Releases & Appearances

31st January 2022

Internet 2.0 has extended its ‘Cloaking Firewall’ technology offering to Azure, making it easier for you to inhibit cyber attackers from finding your network and hacking it.  

“Today, most threats to companies emerge from vulnerabilities and assets discovered on popular internet scanning tools such as Shodan, BinaryEdge, Censys, and Rapid7. Our Cloaking Firewall instantly disappears your servers and cloud infrastructure from the internet and removes a business from almost every major targeting platform used by hackers today,” advises David Robinson, Internet 2.0’s Co-Chief Executive Officer.  

Internet 2.0 is the only Australian company with a cloud web application firewall on both Azure and AWS marketplaces. “Internet 2.0 has already deployed this technology in dozens of networks and is proud to have this service on Azure and AWS too,” says Robert Potter, Internet 2.0’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. 

The Cloaking Firewall presents an innovative and more cost-effective cybersecurity solution, as it eliminates the potential for an attack on your network in the first place, thereby avoiding the ever-increasing costs of a cyber breach. The technology is also incorporated with a firewall, which means the cost as well as the training and implementation gaps are low during adoption.  

You can read more information on Internet 2.0’s Cloaking Firewall here: 

The product can be accessed on the Azure marketplace here:  

Photo: Internet 2.0 Cloaking Firewall on Azure marketplace


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